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:new::new: Added some stuff on certain characters over possible RPs/collabs I'd be looking for! This includes fights,spars,magic using, etc... Look for the :new: next to the bullet points below for more info! :new::new: 

 :new: OK! I don't have classes tomorrow, and Thurs. I only have 1 exam to go to in the afternoon, SO I AM PRETTY MUCH FREE FROM THE PRISON THAT IS EDUCATION!! So, if you were interested in RPing with any of my characters here or we've talked about something, CHUCK ME OVER A NOTE AND WE CAN DISCUSS/START SOMETHING! :la: :new: 

Ok, so I’m writing this now so that way by the time I actually get time to sit down and really RP, I’ll hopefully have stuff planned/started on with other people. Its the end of the semester for me (just a couple more weeks then I’ll be dooone!!) so yeah, I’ll be stuck making sure I don’t drop the ball on my finals. I got some time right now to just make this little update (the kid I tutor was supposed to come today, but cancelled and is coming tomorrow instead) - so I will do this!

It has come to my attention that winter break is right around the corner for me, and that my fawnlings have been horribly not-used :ohnoes: So, using this little time here, I figured I’d start to do some planning for the near future.

First thing is first though. HEY ALL YOU PEOPLE! If we've ever done a RP or started one, and it got left off in limbo - LET ME KNOW IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN CONTINUING IT!! I know in about 60-75% of the cases, it was probably me either being a loser and losing the doc or just forgetting to reply (because I’m a terrible, forgetful asshat, and I am sorry ;_; ). But, before I start anything new with my characters, I figured it’d probably be good to finish off old stuff. So yeah, just let me know if we ever did anything. Or if you really don’t care/don’t want to continue on it, just ignore everything I just said! :dummy: Like you never even saw anything!

Most (If not all) of my characters could use some RP action, so feel free to comment here and/or note me if you see anything that tickles your fancy, or if you have anything that might tickle my fancy. Also, as far as art goes, I’m assuming that over winter break I’ll be able to do collabs - so if you’re into that sort of thing, just know that I am game for it!

Ok, but that’s enough talking for me. Here’s what I got.


Skuldafn | Stag | King by ChrissyMax King Skuldafn - Plot JournalKing Skuldafn - Syl - Sondryn - Katariah - Jackdaw - Kodaav(coming soon!) - Princess Aveline(coming soon!)

King Skuldafn of Silverthorne
14 yo Silverthorne Stag, King.
General Facts/What you should know:
-He's honorable, humble,loyal, and quite serious
Kinda like Bambi's dad (in a way) for a while - he's serious about his part in helping to keep the herd in order, and keeping those fawnlings in it safe. He doesn't believe in "killing for the fun of it", like some other stags would - and only kills if a present need is shown(and even then, he's not 'happy' about it. A life is a life no matter how you look at it. Some lives are worth more than others (i.e, a Blackwood's life is worth less than a Silverthorne's) , but they're still lives. His sense of

  • Really Skul’s open to just about anything. Past RPs, current time RPs, I can go with anything for him so long as it fits in with his character and timeline.

  • As a King, his job is to serve the herd. Got a complaint? Take it to him - maybe he can do something about it (I say “maybe”, because sometimes there may be that one instance of someone being like “Blackwoods aren’t as evil as you’re saying they are!” or “I don’t like how blue the sky is - it’s hurting my eyes!”. Sorry guys, Skul isn’t a miracle worker. He can’t fix everything. Well, anything like what was just suggested. Other things, sure, he can try. But yeah, changing the color of the sky isn't really one of them. I know, I just killed like 3 of your plot ideas right there.)

  • If any of Skul’s kids or Skul’s kid’s friends want to bother him, I’m sure Skul can make some room in his planner to babysit! When it comes to the mamas, he'll keep it either professional (if the mama chose Skul for genetic reasons) or friendly (if the mama chose him for lovey-dovey reasons), but that's about it. Sorry, but Skul's romantic life belongs to one doe and one doe only. Also, I guess this is self-explanatory, but yeah, Skul's not really open for rut this season, either. :/

  • :new: Looking for fights from previous years or current time as well as sparring and magic using! I'm willing to do lit RP pieces, collab art, or a mixture of the two! Note me or comment on this journal if interested! :la: 


(actually, I only now just noticed as I was writing this that she needs a new ref ASAP before she can actually RP (since her old ref isn’t in the group), so yeah - Syl is a no-go right now. Check back soon! *moves “Syl’s ref” to the top half of the “To-do” list” )


Katariah | Doe | Herd Member by ChrissyMax Katariah - Plot JournalGeneral Skuldafn - Syl - Sondryn - Katariah - Jackdaw

8 yo Silverthorne Doe, Herd Member.
General Facts/What you should know:
- She's rather Aristocratic, but not a push over.
She might fit into the standards of Silverthorne does, and her parents have some weight in the herd, but she's not just another face. Riah will stand up for what she thinks is right (within reason of course), and is perhaps one of the most creative souls in Silverthorne. She loves to create bobbles for other herd members, but never for herself. Sounds weird, but her mother was a beautiful doe and never wore bobbles, so neither does she (unless its on special occasions).
- Absolutely hates needless brutality/gore
During her 6th year of rut, she witnessed an older stag murder a y

  • Geh. She needs friends. Maybe other ‘mommy doe’ friends, that way Sondryn and Punk get worn out beating up playing with other people’s fawns, and Riah can get a break for 10 minutes.

  • Supposed to be a bauble maker (not really ‘charm maker’, since she knows diddly squat about that stuff. If a bauble happens to have some sort of ability, cool, otherwise - her stuff is really just for show) so if you’re interested in something, Riah could totally make your fawnling something.

  • Open to anything from current time or past time. Go nuts.

  • :new: Also, because I got a couple requests, she isn't open for rut this season. Maybe next season, maybe not next season. We'll see how her plotting goes and decide then. 


Sondryn | Yearling | Herd Member by ChrissyMax Sondryn - Plot JournalGeneral Skuldafn - Syl - Sondryn - Katariah - Jackdaw

0 yo Silverthorne Doe, Herd Member.
General Facts/What you should know:
- Extremely curious, and awfully intelligent
Sondryn is a logical thinker. She'll admire something, but it doesn't take long for the little cogs in her mind to get going on how something works or functions. She can get lost in her own thought, and loves words. She loves conversations and to fool friends.
- She may fit in the mold of a Silverthorne doe, but she's definitely something else...
While Katariah has no trouble teaching her how to be proper and lady like, Sondryn has a unique vibe about her that sets her apart from the crowd.
- She's a daughter of prestige
Eventually, she will grow up to be the mate of a higher ranking

  • This girl also needs friends. She’s 3 this year, just starting training for magics and thins (they grow up so fast! ;_; ) so maybe she can pal around with other 3 year olds and learn with them? Riah or Skul could serve as teachers if we really need them (and I’m assuming they would most likely be needed, because children with fire is not a good combo)

  • Not too sure about crushes and what not (since I don’t really plan on her getting knocked up at 5 for the hell of it), but hey - if you have a buck and think the two might have something, we can start it off as a close friendship, then see if it evolves anywhere later on in life.

  • Siblings, family members, whoever shares blood with, she’s always open for family bonding. Past time or present time.


Jackdaw | Stag | Royal Guard by ChrissyMax Jackdaw - Plotting JournalGeneral Skuldafn - Syl - Sondryn - Katariah - Jackdaw

8 yo Glenmore Stag,Royal Guard .
General Facts/What you should know:
-He’s loyal beyond all doubt
He knows that he has duties to do, as does every fawnling in Glenmore. They’re born to them, and if one chooses not to perform the duties, it only serves to hurt the herd. While as a fawn, Jackdaw had it pictured in his mind that he would be an adventurer or a mercenary of some sort, whenever he was called to be a royal guard, he went along with it. Might not have been happy with it, having his prior dreams dashed, but he owes his service to the protection of the herd - and feels upset and terribly guilty when he is unable to help someone. Once he has a bond to you, you can damn well

  • Poor guy needs some friends. Probably from the past and onwards, don’t know if he’s really in the mood to be too social thanks to recent events. Childhood friends that can develop into adult friends would be cool to have - just yell at me if you got ideas.

  • Guarding is srs business. He’s always open for sparring and guard duty with other guards. Just don’t expect him to be a talker, unless you upset him. Then expect him to be a talker.

  • Really don’t have much other than him being a sad and upset panda planned for him right now. So yell at me if you got ideas.

  • :new: Totally open for spars/fights from the past or from current time! Most likely with Royal Guards or intruding Blackwoods, but he'd tussle with Lords and Commoners, too, if given a valid reason to! I'm game for quick Lit pieces, collab art, or a combo of both! Note me or comment on this journal if interested! ^^


Aveline | Filly | Princess by ChrissyMax Princess Aveline - Plot JournalKing Skuldafn - Syl - Sondryn - Katariah - Jackdaw - Kodaav(coming soon!) - Princess Aveline

Princess Aveline of Glenmore
0 yo Glenmore Hind, Princess.
General Facts/What you should know:
- Secret Lineage!
Shhhh! Its a secret! Ave’s real father is actually a Royal Guard by the name of Jackdaw - but the herd doesn’t know about that, thanks to Drustan’s cover up of the situation. When she was born, she was claimed by Drustan as his own daughter - so there are plenty in the herd who accept his words as the truth. You’ll have your few negative nancy’s out there, dead set on proving the King wrong in any way - but for the most part, she is ‘currently’ sheltered under her father’s words, words tha

  • If anybody needs friends, its this girl. Seriously, She craves them. She is a social butterfly and needs other fawns to bother. Heck, maybe even adults.

  • Siblings, cousins, relatives, whatever - family bonding is necessary. There is no escaping Ave’s friendship.

  • She’s too young to be thinking about boys as baby making things. She is a baby herself, babies don’t need babies - so no romances right now. Nada. Friendships yes, romance no.  Boys are good for one thing and one thing only - picking on and using as bodyguards/attack dogs. After all, it’s unladylike to beat up other people, so why not get her brothers and/or close boy friends to do it for her? Crushes will develop later on in her life. 


Kodaav | Stag | Mercenary/Raider by ChrissyMax (note to self, need to finish/post plot journal :ohnoes: )

  • poor guy has had nothing really done with him yet ;_; I need to fix this.

  • Open to anything and practically everything. Backstory RPs, current time RPs, fights, spars, etc.. you name it.

  • As a young’un, this guy thought he was pretty hot shit - but after nearly getting himself killed by a wolf on his trial (It was his buddy Moriche that saved his ass from certain death) he was brought back down to earth. Now he knows better, but maybe your fawnling has a little something to say about how Koda should have died a long time ago? Maybe your fawnling wants to finish what that wolf started? Or maybe Koda worked his way out of that whole “being weak” thing by living this long (yeah, that’s a long shot.) and your fawnling just wants to be friends/survival buddies? Like I said, I’m open to anything.

  • If you’re looking for a Blackwood character yourself, I’m cool with someone making Moriche in the design pool. Then we could totally do some Backstory RPs together! Note me about this first if you’re interested!
  • :new: Looking for spars and fights for this guy! If your character needs an ugly punching bag, look no further with Koda here! Open to lit RPs, collab art, or a mix of both! Note me or comment on this journal if interested! 
  • :new: Also, might be looking into finding a doe that could possibly fill the role of "The Doe who Burned Him" back in year 740, resulting in his nasty burn scar over his shoulder (see his history on his ref). Because of the nature of the attack, the doe should have had advanced level magic (since she would have had to use the fire to attack, that falls into "advanced level" stuff), and probably have been 'beautiful' in the Blackwood standard of beauty. If I can't find a doe that fits into this, I'll probably wind up making her a NPC just to plug in that hole, but if you got a doe that you think might work, sling her over to me! :la: 
  • :new: And on the subject of "looking for fawnlings to inflict scars on Punching-Bag-Koda", I'm also looking for a Glenmore Royal Guard who would have been able to beat Koda up and give him the scars across his back. He got those boo-boo's while following a doe in Glenmore back in Autumn of year 753. He was only 8 then, very inexperienced, so "surprise surprise!" he fails and gets beaten up by a Royal Guard. There's not many specifics on this one like there was with the last one, only that the Guard's antlers kinda work with the scars on him (so somewhere there should be 3 tines that could inflict the damage on him) and that the guard should probably be older and more experienced in a fight. But yeah, if you got a macho-man that might fit the part on this one, note me or comment here! ^^
  • Mood: Distressed


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United States
Howdy there, my name is Chrissy with a "Ch" and double "S"'s. Also with a "y". Oh and some other letters too. I am from Southeast Texas, near Houston but not near enough to say "Oh yeah I grew up in Houston". We get the same news channels, that's close enough- right?

I do traditional and digital - I wouldn't say I prefer one over the other though. Both have their pros and cons, and both are equally as frustrating to do. Major Traditional stuff is mostly reserved for my school work though, digital remains to be my "have fun" kinda art.

I enjoy making stupid voices (if I had a mic that wasn't my webcam, I'd consider doing amateur voice work, I wouldn't be much good but whatevs, still fun), drawing butts on people's things, animals (look at my gallery if you don't believe me), gaming, making people laugh at my poor social skills, and pizza. I'm also afraid of giant knives and great white sharks. If you send me a picture of a Great White Shark with a machete, I'll probably cry.

Also, I really love bacon and lemons. Haven't tried them together, but I love both of them. Just thought I would put that out there, so now you know.

Also also, a friend of mine pointed out to me what "lemons" means in terms of fan-fiction. Yeah, no - I don't like those kinds of lemons, oh God, no. No, I like actual lemons, like, the yellow orbs of citrusy goodness and love and deliciousness and happiness. Not the "graphic sex" lemons. God, WHY DOES THE INTERNET HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING I LOVE?! ;_;

My birthday badge


XBOX Live Gamertag : ChrissyMax14
Youtube: CrazyCat162
Instagram: Chrissy2TheMax
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I DO have a 3DS - if you're interested in getting my friend code, message me! I'd love to get to play with you guys!

GUYS! The people who made The Walking Dead game made a Game of Thrones game, and its rly good. 

2 deviants said Seriously, omg, so good. Just play it if you're into GoT.
No deviants said I cried. Both from the fact that its really good, and from the fact that the game starts you at that one certain wedding. You know the one. You get to experience the moment even more. Its heartbreaking.
No deviants said Next episode comes out in February, and that bums me out - but its worth the wait. <3
No deviants said If you played it, let me know - because omfg, I need somebody to talk to about the ending of the first episode ;_;


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