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June 10, 2011
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Gentleman's DeeLite - Adult by ChrissyMax Gentleman's DeeLite - Adult by ChrissyMax
Huzzah, he's finally out and ready to show! So yeah, I'm sorry for everyone who enjoys to read my stories (like,the two of you maybe. I think most of y'all skip over anything I post. Thanks loyal watchers :roll: ) but no story for this. Well not right now at least. If you saw my last deviation you will know that i am still crashing from a sugar rush.

So moving on, since he was a foal he's always been a mama's boy. We can't change it. Except,now he'll stick with either Kristi,Jacob,or Rando,anyone else he dosn't like. He's not skiddish either,he won't spook from people he dosn't like,he just wont cooperate with them "^_^. Sometimes he'll bite,but training has kept him out of that side.

Name: Gentleman's DeeLite
barn name: Gent,Jr.
breed: American paint horse
sire: Gentleman Jack
dam: sonny deelite
gender: colt
Age: 6 years
color: black tobiano
marks: blaze, 4 stockings, and tobiano patches
genes: Ee/aa/TT
For Stud: Yes, Stud fee is 20 :points: per covering. Negotiable in the case of breeding foal auctions or mass coverings of mares. Note me to discuss.

:bulletpink: First Lady (out of Mystic Soul Gem) owned by ~tarot020
:bulletpink: Unnamed (out of Sacred Moon) owned by *Greener-Pastures
:bulletblue: Gentleman's Painted DeeLite (out of Painted Lady) owned by ~fancyallup
:bulletblue: Unnamed (out of Made of Honor) owned by ~horseloveringod
:bulletblue: Unnamed (out of TSR Nice Dynamite owned by ~Luna-Bug

discipline: Western halter,cutting, pole bending,tie down roping barrel racing, western pleasure
personality: Even with age he is still a moma's boy, although slightly more attatched. He only lets a certain few near him,but to those he dosn't like he will not cooperate with them. However, he does like to work a lot if it pleases the people he likes,and that makes him excellent in whatever discilpline he's in. He dosn't like to be a leader though,and normally follows the "pasture herd" in whatever they do. Often considered like a good dog- he works to please and has a good,calm personality. In general he's a good guy to people he likes,to people he dosn't he can be a pain.


-GentlemansDeeLite - Original Foal Ref by ~MagicWindsStables
-Gentlemans DeeLite foal Ref
-Vamanos Vamanos (show entry)
-Choice Cut (show entry)
-Walk it Off (show entry)
-El Bandito
-Only Two Options
-Outlaw Trail Assignment #1 (event entry)
-Just Keep You Mouth Shut - OT Assignment #2 (event entry)
-My Little Outlaw
-JJ The Gentlecolt
-Not Too Fond of Strays
-Assignment 3 Collab Lines
-Crash Boom Bang (collaboration between me and *Blaine-River-Ranch )(event entry)
-Outlaw Trail - Collab Lines
-The Mares are MINE! (collaboration between me and *angry-horse-for-life )
-Late Picture by ~tarot020 (Breeding Picture)

Special Titles/Achievements:

- Grand Champion Stallion at the Spring into Summer Show!
- Reserve Grand Champion Western Horse at the Spring into Summer Show!


:no: Maple Leaf Ranch Western Show- Western Pleasure (show journal deleted)
5th place, 13 entries.
Show Notes: For his first show it was more so "trial and error" than anything else. A good run for his fist show but came up short in the end.

:no: Maple Leaf Ranch Western Show- Pole Bending (show journal deleted)
8th place, 8 entries.
Show Notes: Way too pumped to handle. This horse loves the poles but can be way too much horse to handle. Ran the course correctly- but the competition prooved itself more than him.

:no: Maple Leaf Ranch Western Show- Cutting (show journal deleted)
6th place, 12 entries.
Show Notes: Performed exceptionally well in the ring- listened to all the directions correctly and put n his best show. The competition was tougher though and stuck straight in the middle placings.

:shrug: The Outlaw Trail - Outlaws
Ad, Misc. Pictures, Required Images, etc... - Pulled out of running (?)

:winner: Spring into Spring Show! - Stallion Halter
1st Place, 22 entries.
Show Notes: It was a tough competition with a very large and varied field. Not sure how J.J. came out on top of everything, but he managed to show off and dazzle the judges enough. Very proud of his performance at this show.

:winner: Spring into Spring Show! - Reining
1st Place, 5 entries.
Show Notes: TSR swept the floor in this show, J.J being one of our juggernauts out in the showing ring. Had some good competition, but he brought his game and showed off quite a bit.

:clap: Spring into Spring Show! - Cutting
2nd Place, 3 entries.
Show Notes: It was a close call on the judge's part, J.J. went out there and did his best -but got a close second for his efforts. Not that TSR's complaining though, 2nd place is a good place.



-Horses in Pedigree (1pt) (x2) = 2pt

-Show Entries (Full Body with Drawn BG)(4pt) (x9) = 36pt
-Full Body No BG or Photo BG (2pt) (x2) = 4pt
-Reference Sheets (1pt) (x1) = 1pt
-Breeding Pics/Art done by others (1pt) (x1) = 1pt

-Shows Entered (1pt) (x3) = 3pt
-Grand Champion Titles (10pts)(x1) = 10pts
-Reserve Grand Champion Titles (10pts)(x1) = 10pts
-1st Places (5pts)(x2) = 10pts
-2nd Places (3pts)(x1) = 3pts

-Purebred Foals (1pt) (x3) = 3pt
-Half Bred/Mixed Foals (0.5pt) (x2) = 1pt

Total = 84/50pts SUPERIOR HORSE (pending)


-Conformation Image + Training/Interaction Image (1)(x5) = 5pts

-HARPG Sanctioned Shows/Events (3)(x5) = 15pts
-Cutting Classes (2)
--1st (0)(x20) = 0pts
--2nd (1)(x10) = 10pts
--3rd (0)(x5) = 0pts
--Honorable Mentions (0)(x5) = 0pts
-Western Pleasure Classes (1)
--1st (0)(x20) = 0pts
--2nd (0)(x10) = 0pts
--3rd (0)(x5) = 0pts
--Honorable Mentions (0)(x5) = 0pts
-Tie Down/Calf Roping Classes (0)
--1st (0)(x20) = 0pts
--2nd (0)(x10) = 0pts
--3rd (0)(x5) = 0pts
--Honorable Mentions (0)(x5) = 0pts
-Barrel Racing Classes (0)
--1st (0)(x20) = 0pts
--2nd (0)(x10) = 0pts
--3rd (0)(x5) = 0pts
--Honorable Mentions (0)(x5) = 0pts


-In Game Horses in Pedigree (2)(x2) = 4pts

-Foals (4)(x1) = 4pts

-Mini Shows Entered (0)(x1) = 0pts
--Mini Show Classes Entered (0)(x1) = 0pts
-Full Shows Entered (3)(x1.5) = 4.5pts
--Full Show Classes Entered (5)(x6) = 30pts
-Sponsored Shows Entered (0)(x3.5)
-1st Place (2)(x5) = 10pts
-2nd Place (1)(x3) = 3pts
-3rd Place (0)(x2) = 0pts
-Champion/Special Title (1)(x7) = 7pts
-Reserve Champion/Special Mention/Judge's Choice (1)(x5) = 5pts

-Other Images (By Me)
-Full Body No Background (2)(x2) = 4pts
-Full Body with Background (5)(x4) = 20pts
-Headshot/ Half Body No Background (0)(x1) = 0pts
-Headshot/ Half Body With Background: (0)(x2) = 0pts
-Current Reference (1)(x1) = 1pt

-Other Images (By Others)
-Full Body No Background (0)(x1) = 0pts
-Full Body with Background (3)(x3) = 9pts
-Headshot/ Half Body No Background (0)(x1) = 0pts
-Headshot/ Half Body With Background: (1)(x2) = 2pts

TOTAL POINTS = 99/100pts OMEGA (pending)

Gentleman jack,sonny deelite:~MagicWindsStables (c)
artwork:=ChrissyMax (c)
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TimberlakeLaneEC Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
As the new leader of HARPG Paint Horses, i would like to take the time to thank you for registering your horses with us and hope that you will enjoy the new changes coming to our group! One of these changes, is the recording of registration. I am going through the folders and seeing whos all a part of this wonderful group. While doing so, I am recording the horses down in journals as well as giving them each a registration number so we can keep track of how many horses our group contains. Stallions will start in the thousands and mares in the hundreds. Your stallions new number is: 5024. Please recorded somewhere, that way, anytime you need to update any of his information with the group all you have to do is list his registration number in the title and we can find his history within the group! Thanks again! 
J. Anthony

angry-horse-for-life Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You should get him in the WD
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've thought about it- but theres been a lot on my plate lately and I'm not sure if I even have the time. I might do it just for him,though - for stud stuff mainly :/ idk lol
angry-horse-for-life Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That would be fantastic.. :>
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
any reason? :XD: I'm working on getting him in now ;P
angry-horse-for-life Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I only breed my horses to horses registered and at certian levels with the WD
MagicWindsStables Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Student Digital Artist
boy he grew up nice! Just so you know, his father passed away today. If your boy is up for stud anytime, I'd deffinately be interested!
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :dummy: and oh my that's sad! :ohnoes: he'll have some big shoes to fill, but I'll have him up for stud when he has some good show records under his belt, but if you need him for anything you have first dibs on him any time you need him lol ;P
MagicWindsStables Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Student Digital Artist
lol thanks! I just realized he died and I don't have any of his babies. I Sassy might be pregnant, but the rngs have yet to decide if the last breeding was successful.
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem ;P sad to hear him go, he was a good ol' boy, good luck with that last breeding. Hope it was sucessful lol ;P And since you were Dee's breeder I'll let you take him out for breeding whenever you need him lol. I just realized it might take me a while to actually get his show entries up and such, so feel free to ask whenever you'd like ;P
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