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Submitted on
November 23, 2012


33 (who?)

SKG Safir 1765, PwlPwl Art Raffle JUDGED

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 23, 2012, 10:16 AM

So when I got home today at 2:30, I checked my messages and after changes have been made to correct any brought up errors - the tickets were finalized and put into the RNG hat. I want to thank everyone for participating in this - in total there were 63 tickets in the draw - 63 total kaaring points for Safir, thats amazing. I loved the art you guys put forward, the creativity put in is amazing.

Before I announce the winner, I want to remind everyone to be gracious if you didn't win and not be a sore loser. If you're going to be hurt by the results of a random-judged art raffle with a total of 63 tickets, you may want to avoid art raffles in the future. I don't want anyone going off on my just because they had put in 50 tickets, or made 1 high-effort piece and expected me to make it the winner - in the end its RNGs judged, and a 1/1,000,000 shot still has a shot - so anything can happen. Remember - I told everyone that whoever helped me and working his kaaring would get something from me in the future in thanks (maybe even a slot to him if he gets to 200 kaaring) , but that promise is ONLY to those who keep art of him up on deviant art. I don't care if you move it to scraps, or keep it out of your featured gallery - but I must be able to access it in the link on this journal. I can't access any of the art, then you get kicked out of my thank-you list. Even if you've uploaded 50 pictures - you delete one, you get booted off. Please respect this rule, it has been there since day one - and if I have people disrespecting them, this might be the only time you see any art raffle/sales of nordanner slots from me. Also, if you come out now after I have given the +24 hour warning to check the journal for your bids and say I've forgotten art - I'm sorry but there will be no re-raffles. It was your job to make sure you linked pictures to this journal - not mine. Even if I saw it, faved it, commented on it, etc... - if it wasn't linked on this journal, it didn't get added. That was a rule since day one as well - and I can't be held responsible for people not reading it.

So, without further Disclaimers, the winner!....


Congratulations! Your name will now be on the raffle slot, and you are free to use said slot to any mare of choice (although please link me the mare before you go with the breeding - just so I can see and check her over. You're free to choose your mare, I just have to give the green light). For this raffle (since In my life I'm very busy, and my tablet has almost bitten the dust) I'm allowing you to design the foal, but as always I require a full body breeding picture with BG in order to use the slot. You may use the slot at any time you want - whether its right away or months later. If at any time you no longer want the slot, let me know and I will remove your name and the slot will be distributed at another time (depending on the situation). Basic rules on the foal (I get a breeding slot, foal must be registered in the 30 days on getting the geno, etc...).


I am no longer taking any bids for this breeding slot raffle. If you have put down a bid or made art and you don't see it on this journal, or your tickets have not been counted correctly - LET ME KNOW ASAP. I'm not going to go hunt for pictures that should have been linked to this journal - so today is your last chance. Tomorrow once I get home from school I will run the raffle and announce the winner.

Ever wanted a peafowl, well now TSR is here to introduce...

SKG Safir 1765

1765 SKG Safir by ChrissyMax

Bay Splash Dominant Peafowl Stallion

- He will throw Peafowl foals no matter what mare he is bred to
- Related to the following Peafowl Starters: Daimhin, Shiya, Erytheis, and Majeed
- Only has 1 public slot open (being the reason for this raffle). However, once he hits 200 kaaring there will be more slots for the public.

How do I get this slot?

Simple - Its an Art Raffle. Basic rules, you know - draw a picture, its a ticket, tickets get drawn, etc... EXCEPT! - tickets will be earned through how much they're worth in kaaring. So, for example, a full body colored picture with a painted BG would be 2 tickets, a headshot would be half a ticket, so for it to count you would need 2 of them for it to be 1 ticket. Show entries are allowed - as long as I pre-approve the show you're entering with Safir. If the placings come back in time before the art raffle ends - then the placing from that show will count as tickets as well (so whatever he places, you will get that many extra tickets worth in kaaring). You get the idea, right? If not- feel free to ask any questions ;P

Rules of the Raffle

- This Raffle is open to Everyone! - Regardless of if you own a Nordanner or not, if you have a peafowl or a panda - it doesn't matter. Why? Because for the length of the raffle, it would be tedious work to check every other day and make sure those participating have no slots to mutation nordies or peafowls. The point of a non-mutation raffle is for people to get mutations, but if the raffle goes on for the length that it will- then that gives those people a good long chance to go after other mutations- which would defeat the purpose of participating in this raffle.
- You cannot be on my blacklist, the Nordanner 's blacklist, or LVS-Nordanner 's blacklist (since she's the legal owner of Safir, you must respect her rights to who she wants owning and taking care of her horse's lineage) to participate.
- Once the art is up, I'd prefer that it not get deleted please - especially if you don't win. This raffle is to help his kaaring and help people who want a peafowl get one. Besides - if he hits 200 kaaring I will remember who put in their time to help him and they will get repaid somehow ;P Also, Deleting art after its up might ruin your chances with future TSR horses and their breeding or selling plans.
- It doesn't matter what Kaaring level he gets to - the slot will be given out. However- if there is no interest in it, then it will be cancelled and sold another way. I will give notice before I do anything though.
- If there's a lot of interest long before the given deadline, then I can shorten the deadline - but, as always, I will give a good notice before hand if I do it.
- As a personal rule, I will not accept multiple headshots on one deviation, multiple full body images on one deviation, hastily made chibis, or stick figure people, etc... Safir may only be on a deviation once- so if you have 10 headshots, you better upload 10 separate deviations. This rule is simply in place because I understand that there are issues with these when counting kaaring, and I don't want to have to deal with them and his kaaring changing drastically. If you have any questions on what I will allow and what I won't - ask me. I won't bite.
-Bids MUST be linked to this journal for them to count.
- If you do win the foal, you must promise me a breeding slot. Also, by participating in this raffle you are agreeing to the rules of this raffle, to my Breeding Rules, BRR's Breeding Rules, and the rules set in stone by Nordanner .

The Deadline for this Art Raffle is January 23,2012

Art And Tickets

Uncolored Art (x0.5)

Headshots, colored (x0.5)

Breeding Ticket 3 by Rising-High-Ranch +0.5
:thumb346757152: +0.5

Full Body, Colored, no or plain BG (x1)

Full Body, Colored, Painted BG (x2)

Art Raffle bid by Forget-Me-Not-Fields +2
Breeding Bid for Safir by Rising-High-Ranch +2
Yet another Breeding bid by Rising-High-Ranch +2
Safir 1765 Breeding Raffle by xJoltix +2
SKG Safir 1765 raffle 3 by Kalypzo91 +2
SKG Safir 1765 raffle 2 by Kalypzo91 +2
SKG Safir 1765 raffle 1 by Kalypzo91 +2
:thumb346757502: +2

Show entries OR training images OR Dragon tack images (+1)

Safir with Listal, Dressage Stallion Mini Show by KyraAkir +3
Safir Halter Show by KyraAkir +1.5
Stallion Halter Entrie by Rising-High-Ranch +3
Safir in Showmanship by Forget-Me-Not-Fields +3
Safir and Listal in Halter Show by KyraAkir +3
Safir with Listal, Tent Pegging by KyraAkir +3
Safir with Listal Mounted Archery by KyraAkir +3
Show 'Em How It's Done Safir! by SkyWolfSpirit +3
Workin' The Crowd by SkyWolfSpirit +3
Safir Free Jumping by SkyWolfSpirit +3
Ashfall by sayna-jaye +3

Show Placings (x3 for 1st)(x2 for 2nd)(x1 for 3rd)(x0.5 for 4th+)

Safir with Listal, Dressage Stallion Mini Show by KyraAkir Placed 2/3 +2
Safir Halter Show by KyraAkir Placed 6/10 +0.5
Safir and Listal in Halter Show by KyraAkir Placed 17/22 +0.5
Safir with Listal, Tent Pegging by KyraAkir Placed 2/2 +2
Safir with Listal Mounted Archery by KyraAkir Placed 4/4 +0.5
Stallion Halter Entrie by Rising-High-Ranch Placed 8/8 +0.5
Safir in Showmanship by Forget-Me-Not-Fields Placed 3/5 +1

Animations (x2)

Breeding Bid for Safir by Rising-High-Ranch +2
Yet another Breeding bid by Rising-High-Ranch +2
Safir 1765 Breeding Raffle by xJoltix +2
Ashfall by sayna-jaye +2

People Planning to Show Safir for tickets...
(this is just to help keep track of who's entering Safir in what show and in what class. Remember - if he places, whatever he earns from kaaring gets you that many more tickets!)

:new::new: If you're planning on entering Safir in a show to get tickets- PLEASE run the show and the classes you want to enter by me first before you post an entry or even begin it! Safir can only be entered in certain classes (like, no barrel racing shows, no flat racing, no reining, etc...) and can't go out of his field of discipline unless he has certain training for it (which again, I must pre-approve). Also, sometimes Safir might have even been entered in that class by me or someone else and you can't enter him twice! Theres been a few people wanting to enter him in shows he's already been entered into. Please be sure to check! If you can't find a show to enter him into, you can always ask me- I might have a few.

Also - as of 12/4/12 , you may NOT enter Safir into the Forget-Me-Not fairs, just out of respect for the shows host. If you want my suggestion for shows to enter him in, theres always my show (whatever classes are still open for it though), and then maybe find some show jumping, cross country, and dressage classes in other shows. There has to be plenty of shows with one of those classes, it shouldn't be hard ;P


- Forget-Me-Not-Fields  TSR/LSK 1st Annual All-Animal Holiday Show - Showmanship
- KyraAkir HCW Mini Events, Dressage, Stallion Show Jumping, Free Jumping
- Rising-High-Ranch TSR/LSK 1st Annual All-Animal Holiday Show - Halter
- KyraAkir Forget-Me-Not's Fair - Halter, Dressage, Mounted Archery, Tent Pegging
- Rising-High-Ranch Routahovi Winter Festival - Halter and Liberty
- KyraAkir TSR-Camps 's Dressage Training Clinic
- SkyWolfSpirit Holiday Lights Show - Show Jumping, Liberty, Winter Winds Horse Show - Halter, Liberty, Show Jumping , BAR Grand Opening Show - Show Jumping, English Pleasure

Ticket Holders and Their Tickets

Forget-Me-Not-Fields 6 tickets
KyraAkir 19 tickets
Rising-High-Ranch 12 tickets
xJoltix 4 tickets
SkyWolfSpirit 9 tickets
Kalypzo91 6 tickets
sayna-jaye 5 tickets
Bast-et 2.5 tickets

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sayna-jaye Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013   Digital Artist
HOLY COW. HOW DID I MISS THIS?! aaaaaaa I know it was random, but thank you so much anyway! <3 I will start looking for a mare for him right away, and I will note you when I am ready to get the breeding started. This has totally just made my day!
Rising-High-Ranch Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Oh man! I can't wait! I have the perfect filly for him!!
sayna-jaye Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013   Digital Artist
My first piece! Hope you like. :3

ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE it! :iconrdsoawesomeplz: Added to the journal!
sayna-jaye Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013   Digital Artist
Oh, quick question! Does there have there have to be a human in it to count as a dragon tack image? It didn't end up in that category so just checking. :U
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
whoops - thats what we call human error, I put it in the wrong category. Thanks for letting me know, I'll fix that right now ^^"
sayna-jaye Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013   Digital Artist
Thanks! I'm new to the kaaring system so I wasn't sure. XD
sayna-jaye Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013   Digital Artist
Yay! X3 I just had to, that is some awesome tack.
Bast-et Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Student General Artist
I have two entries: [link]



ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Both Added!
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