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September 4, 2011


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TSR- Breeding Rules and Reserved Breedings

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 4, 2011, 7:30 PM

:bulletblue: Texas Skys Ranch… :bulletblue: Sales Barn… :bulletblue: Show Arena… :bulletblue: Stable News… :bulletblue: Affiliates… :bulletblue: TSR Studs/Broods… :bulletblue:

:new: TSR Breeding Policies, Orders, and Aging Cycles 2013: :new:

(these rules apply to me only - this is just how I run my HARPG stables, you don't have to follow these.)

-My horses at TSR have no set aging cycle - but most age with each level achieved in their breed groups (kaaring for nordanners, AHA finest levels with arabians, etc...).  

-As of January of 2013, mares and fillies brought into TSR will only have 1 breeding slot for each year they are able to breed. So, if you have a mare who can breed at the age of 5, she will have one foal at five, the next at six, the next at 7, etc... All mares and fillies brought into TSR (whether bought or sold) will be aged and bred this way. This does not affect older mares that have been with us for years, just the young ones who have been with us for a short time! In RL - mares do not have 5 foals in 1 year. Stallions and colts are not affected by this rule since they can breed all year long as many times as they want.  

-Any horse coming into TSR is RNG rolled most of the time to determine the year of death. Some may die young, some may live to be old - we don't purely rely on RNG, but it does help RP around here.

-Foals must be shown at least once before aging to a yearling. And once aged to a yearling must gain a level with a breed group before being aged to 2 years. Each year these must be some sort of show, and for Arabians once must be an "All-Arabian" show. Excludes horses born before January 2013.

Rosendaler Breeding Rules:

1. No breeding is free, unless it is gifted. The rosendalers do not have a set number of foals they may have, but still- breeding will only go to those who are willing to pay for the breeding (whether it be with a training image, show entry, points, etc... in addition to a breeding image (can be headshot, I'm not too picky)
2. I have the right to a breeding to the foal in the future. If you decide to geld/sterilize please tell me before you do so. I might want a foal before the horse goes sterile.
3. No crossbreeding. The mare/stallion you want to breed with my rosendaler MUST be a rosendaler. No exceptions.
4. Affiliates and close friends are the only ones who may ask for breedings and not have to do the extra paying image (they would just draw the breeding image).
5. If you ever sell your foal, I get first dibs back on it. If I do not want him/her back, then you may proceed to sell it.
6. I design the foal. You can very lightly hint what colors you'd like (notice, I'm saying you can hint- not ask), but in the end the RNGs are the final decision.
7. If a horse's ref says breeding closed- its not open for breeding. Simple as that, so please don't ask. If it says open, then we can discuss it over note.
8. Please keep your foals active! If your horse isn't drawn in a lengthy period of time I will note you and let you know to please draw the horse. If it isn't drawn within 30 days of me sending the note then I can and will reclaim it and most likely rehome it.
9. When you request a breeding, please send a note titled "Rosendaler Breeding Request". In the note include my horse you want to breed, and then your horse you want to breed (perferably with working links to the refs). You may include anything extra, like disciplines, genetics, special titles, other champion offspring, etc...- anything you can think to tell me to increase your chances of getting the breeding,the better.

By breeding with my Rosendalers you agreeing to these rules.

Nordanner Breeding Rules:
1. No breeding is free unless it is a gift. You want a slot to a horse you'll have to be ready to pay for it.
2. When you breed a nordy of mine I expect a breeding spot to the foal. Self explanatory.\
3. Only pure nordanners who are not related to eachother may breed.
4. Nordanner affiliates will be able to request a spot to any of my nordanners as long as "affiliate spot" is written on a horse's ref. Depending on the horse there will be a certain number of affiliate spots. These slots will only be on nordies bred by me.
5. If at any time you need to sell your nordy I get first dibs back on it. If I do not want the foal back you may sell it (this is debatable if the owner of the foal's other parent wants the foal back as well. In that instance then an agreement will be made).
6. Nordanners must be registered within a month of you receiving the genotype. When you get the geno note me it (because I design the foals). Failure to do this results in the reclaiming of the foal.
7. I design the foal. If you want something within the genotype (example- peafowl marking colors) then tell me in the note you send me with the color and genotype. Otherwise- the design is completely up to me.
8. If you ask for a breeding and the ref says "closed", don't expect a breeding from that horse even IF they become open in the future. Begging is rude and will not be tolerated.
9. If a ref says "open", and you want a breeding- note me with the links of the horses you wish to breed together. In your note please tell me what your plans for the foal is and anything else you want me to know to increase your chances of earning the breeding. Remember rule #1, what will you offer for that spot? Let me know what you're willing to pay? Art for kaaring? Points? A breeding slot to one of your own horses? Slots aren't free unless its a gift!
10. Any foal from my horses that I feel isn't being used is subject to being reclaimed. If this happens I will note you to inform you have 30 days to draw the foal- if not I will reclaim and rehome it.

By breeding to any of my nordanners you are agreeing to these rules.

Breeding Rules for everyone else:
1. No "clones" of my horses please. If markings or anything about the horse is too close to one of my studs or broods then i'll ask you to change it. If it's not changed you don't get the foal, simple as that.
2. Active stables please, HARPG perfered but if you don't have one we can discuss it :)
3. If you request the breeding, you make the breeding pic. For some horses I'll design the foal(mostly if you use one of my broods I'll design the foal) but honestly I think there shouldn't be a problem with you creating your dream foal from one of my studs/broods ;P
4. Abuse it you loose it. If you neglect any of my horses that you breed from my horses (meaning if you let them rot in a stall or something) then I can take them back. I'll let you know a month or so before,that way you can have time to draw a picture of him/her or find a show for him/her to enter. If no response then the horse will be taken and no longer belong to you.
5. Each horse has their own restrictions, please follow them.
6. Twins are frowned upon by our staff. This is dangerous to both the mare and the foals. Therefore, if twins are found either one must be aborted as soon as possible, or the foals must die. If the mare has twins and the delivery is unsuccesful, you are entitled to a second covering. If your mare has twins with no complications, the foals do not exist. I will not allow twins from my horses- only if its worked out between me and you, but most of the time I don't allow it.
7. AI (Artificial Insemintion) is availible with some stallions. All you have to do to request an AI breeding is draw me a picture with someone from your facilities contacting TSR,or in some cases just send me points (price is worked out among the two of us). I don't care how they get in contact, just as long as they do. A small story would be nice too, but if you can't write one its cool ;P. Racing Thoroughbreds are never available for AI.
8. like rule #4, we can seize any foal of ours if we feel that it isn't being used. However, due to the changes in everyone's breeding rules lately, I figured I better be safe than sorry. TSR holds the right to reclaim any horse it sells or breeds within 2 generations if it violates our breeding rules or isn't being used properly. By "2 generations", I mean that if you have a foal bred from 2 of TSR's horses, we can reclaim that foal and any foal bred from it- regardless of who owns it or what sales rules were applied to it previously.
9. Foals from TSR can never be sold outside of HARPG. Period.
10. Once a foal's design has been uploaded- whether by me or someone else, they can never be changed unless you have permission from me.
11. To request a breeding, send a note in the following format-

Note titled "breeding request" (or something on those lines)

Stud/brood requested:
Horse to be bred to:
Horse's ref:
Horse's Breed:
Horse's Age:
Show results? (if not listed on horse's ref, if on ref just let me know):
Any other info you'd like to let us know? Why you want the breeding? Any special bloodlines or statuses with breed orginizations? (AHA,R-A-C-E,AHF,etc...) :

After we recive the note we will look your horse over- make sure it meets all the requirements, then either accept or decline. After that its up to you to get the breeding pic and foal pic up! (unless your breeding to one of my broods ;P)

:new: If by some chance I decline your breeding request- do NOT be offended or take it personally. It is most likely either that I do not find your horse suitable for the requested horse, you didn't follow my own breeding rules (not in proper format, missing information, etc...), or even the fact that you may be on a breeder's "block list". Meaning that if another ranch dosn't want you to own any descendants of thier horses for GOOD reason, and I own a descendant of that horse which you want to breed with, you will be respectfully rejected. These are both my rules and others rules- and they are ment to be respected. Failure to comply with this will result in a block (meaning if you keep argueing about it I will block you. Sorry, but I have enough to deal with on my plate- don't need a bunch of argueing comments in my messages) :new:

Breeding availability is listed on each horse's ref. I try to keep those updated, so if you have a question on who can breed and who can't- scroll through my gallery and find thier ref. If you can't find it, then you can ask me.

:bulletblue: FOALS AND BREEDINGS FROM TSR :bulletblue:

First Lady by tarot020Late picture by tarot020Sahran X Belleza Breeding Pic by ChrissyMaxThe New Arrival by ChrissyMaxAnjum's First Show by ChrissyMaxBelle and Amjad Christmas Halter by ChrissyMaxSabiha Sabahat by SkyWolfSpiritBRR's Gabbar Negm by blaine-rrGabbar Ibn Inshalla by ChrissyMaxBelle X Ibn Inshalla by ChrissyMaxBelle X Boulboul by ChrissyMaxRasheeka Negma Foal Ref by ChrissyMaxLike Mother, Like Daughter by ChrissyMax

:new: :bulletblue: TSR'S BREEDING BANK :bulletblue:

This is the place where we keep all records of breeding slots we own as well AI'd stallions and mares. When used they will be removed from this list.

Kehaar #195 by Secret-Assasin-Emery Kehaar #195 - Won by Art Auction
SS Indian Blanket 1658 Excellent Blood Mare by AutumnCreekFarms SS Indian Blanket - AutumnCreekFarms Breeding Slot Trade
BRR Tiffany Morgan by blaine-rr BRR Tiffany Morgan - blaine-rr
:new: In A One Man Show - 4yrs by nds-stock RA In a One Man Show - nds-stock , booked breeding - still need to pay for (training image) before use.
:new: Dane's Harlequine King by BaliroAdmin Dane's Harlequine King - BaliroAdmin , breeding slot trade
:new: Lethal Weapons CCXIX - Sold by SkyWolfSpirit  Lethal Weapons CCXIX , Gift Slot

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Yume-Night-Stables Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a question about the breeder's block list. Can you explain that a bit more? ^^
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure thing :) Anything specific that isn't clear or is the whole thing fuzzy (I have a habit of giving unclear messages when typing :XD: )
Yume-Night-Stables Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like, how do you know if you are on it? XD And why? lol...Hope that explains my confusion a bit. XD
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well right now I don't have a blocklist :shrug: No one has broken my breeding/sales rules yet, so there's been no need for one (unless the fire nation attacks...). However, If I ever should need one it will be posted on this journal with the usernames of those who cannot breed from TSR's horses. Now, on my rules it says that if a user is on another deviant's blocklist- and that deviant wants the blocked user to not own a descendant of their horse within a certain generation gap- then the user cannot breed the descended horse.
Yume-Night-Stables Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh...Well thanks for explaining! ^^
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problemo :) Hope I explained everything ok :XD: Like I said, I have a habit of screwing my sentences up lol
Yume-Night-Stables Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD Well, in the future (far future, not anywhere near now; haz stuff to do~! ;) ) I'd be interested in a breeding trade with this girl: [link] And my star Arabian stud: [link] He only has 5 slots available at this time, lol. ^^ they won't breed together, since they are related by Andy Warhol, but you could have a slot to him to your choice of mare for a slot to your mare for me. :3
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds like it could be a good trade :) but Rasheeka's too young right now- and I'm focusing on getting her name out there and showing her more. Plus, it would be a while till I got her old enough to breed- so theres plenty of time. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, so whenever you're interested in working out that kind of a deal feel free to note me to discuss.
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bravoKRA-Z Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
question: may i trade yams for horses?
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
throw in some palm tree oil and you have yourself a butt-smacking-nut-slapping deal good sir
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