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Submitted on
November 11, 2012


17 (who?)

TSR/LSK 1st Annual All-Animal Holiday Show! CLOSED

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 11, 2012, 7:14 PM
Running: now - December 30,2012
Event Type: mixed, all animals allowed
Class/Classes: Example: Halter, Liberty, Chuck Wagon Races, Showmanship, conformation, lure coursing, agility, etc...
Restrictions: See journal rules for more information on restrictions!


12/30/12 ~ THE SHOW IS NOW CLOSED! Results will be posted shortly!

Its 8:30 AM my time. The show closes at 3:00 PM CST, so you have roughly 6.5 hours to get your last entries in! Please double check to make sure your information is correct on the entry sheet. If there is no age, no breed (depending on the class), wrong links, etc... it will be judged as it is. You need to have an age defined in order to participate in a class- whether its the right age for the class or not.

12/29/12 ~ Ok folks, you have today to get the last of your entries up - and then tomorrow at 3:00 PM CST This show will CLOSE and judging will BEGIN! For some classes we've gotten plenty of entries, so I don't think I have to extend the show just for that - you all have had plenty of time. Others who only have 1 entry or so, you will get the show credit and the class will not be scratched - since this is an effort based show and it would be wrong to scratch a class when people put work into an entry for it.

12/28/12 ~ 2 MORE DAYS!! Get your entries up if you're planning on entering!

12/24/12 ~ WE'RE AT THE 1 WEEK MARKER FOLKS. Crunch time - if you're going to enter, get those entries in as soon as possible! I've warned y'all - deadlines sneak up on you! And due to the number of entries, classes where only 1-2 people have entered will NOT be scratched - so even if you're the only entry for something you'll STILL get the placing! Think of that as a nice Christmas gift ;P Hope everyone has a happy and safe Holiday season!

12/8/12 ~ Please help spread the word around about this show if you can - you all have less than a month left and I'm really debating about running the classes that have less than 3 entries (which would be every class except the halter class I think). If you can get the word out please, do so - I might even consider letting half body and headshots in if people ask for it. But until then, you have 23 days to get your entries in. Take advantage of the time or the deadline will sneak up on you!

11/29/12 ~ Almost a month left and not too much interest! Come on, folks- you can get some easy titles for your dogs here, and some good wins and kaaring points for nordanners (for nordanner owners). For people complaining about there not being any "effort based shows", you really aren't helping your case for not entering them when they're out there :XD: but I'm not judging anyone- some people really don't have time for it, but I know some people who have told me they want to enter but haven't put up anything for the show or even done anything about the show. Its been up for almost a month now. Theres only one month left now folks- tell your friends and get your entries up!

Welcome to Texas Skies Ranch and Lone Star Kennel's 1st Annual All-Animal Holiday Show! To celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, staff and local FFA/4H chapters have helped to set up this event. It is for all animals, all breeds, regardless of if its fantasy or realistic! Everyone is welcomed!

This show will take place in December near College Station, TX (very hilly) at TSR/LSK grounds. The showing areas are all decorated for the season- tinsel on the fences, lights and wreaths everywhere, those fake reindeers scattered randomly around the grounds- that sort of thing. We like this time of year, and so do our horses and dogs. Its cold and crisp outside – lows in the 40's and highs in the upper 50's- so be advised to keep your animals warm and your handlers. Normally it doesn't snow in Texas, so just be advised about that. Some Trees do lose their leaves though-the silver maples outside our outdoor arena have their leaves still though, they're red and the branches are a reddish shade. But normally every other tree on our grounds are bare. For hunting, we are using the land out in the back of our stable- mostly hill-country forests with a few scattered ponds and streams. The wild game that roams around includes boar, quail, ducks, deer, raccoons, possums, etc…


:bulletgreen: Judges :bulletred:


If you would like to judge a class, let me know!

:bulletred: Rules :bulletgreen:

-No tracing, re-using of old images, using pre-made linearts, etc… all art must be your own!
-Powers that affect performance may not be used, but power that affect appearance are allowed (potions for nordies, special breed powers, gemstones for marandians, etc…)
-No photo backgrounds. Backgrounds must be your own! My policy is that your animal cannot look like its "floating" or be stuck into a random color BG. There must be some appearance that your animal is in a showing environment.
-This is NOT a RNG based show- only part of it comes from it, but most of it is judged by me and anyone who would like to help.
-Only one entry is required for an animal to participate in a class- it is the main one that will be judged.
-You may show other people's animals, they do not have to be owned by you as long as you have the animal's owner's permission to show them.
-You do not have to be active in any RPG group (DARPG,HARPG, Kennel-club, etc…), you just have to have a RPG stable of some sort
-Pre-registration isn't required.
-Ages vary for each class- information is written on the class information.
-Extra Images can be made (for the sake of RP, if you're doing that with this show) but WILL NOT count towards your overall score! This is an effort based show, your entry will be judged off the main one you submit!
-Also - completely random, but Aggie (Texas A&M) Santa Hats are totally cool - and may get you a little bonus when judging (falls into the "overall feel" category XD)

:bulletgreen: Judging Rubric :bulletred:

0-25pts= RNG score (chance of spooking, distractions, etc..)
0-50pts= Amount of effort compared to your gallery
0-40pts= Overall "feel" of the artwork
0-20pts= A good story/paragraph/poem/description/etc… with the piece
0-20pts= A good hand drawn BG
0-10pts= Previous show experience, pedigree, ability, etc…
-2pts= For each rule/specification (weather, arena, etc…) not followed or ignored.
+5pts = For each advertisement for this show (in the form of a poll, journal, or a deviation) (max of 10pts or 2 advertisements)

This show will end December 30, 2012 at 3:00pm Central Standard Time. I will stop taking entries then, and start judging. Possibility of extension varies depending on the situation.

:bulletred: Classes :bulletgreen:

Horse Classes


For all ages- if theres enough entries then it will be divided up into smaller groups. Handler does not have to be shown, but if you want to its fine.  Will be held in the outdoor arena, you may dress up your horse in holiday gear if you'd like- it isn't required but it does get you extra points. If your horse is dressed up - it must be in holiday gear, not normal stable gear (besides the halter of course). Foals younger than 1 year may be shown with their dam, both get credit for showing- but the mare cannot be entered again into the same class.


All Ages, if theres enough entries it will be divided into smaller groups. Pick a song, and let your horse go with the music, show them off. Music can be anything- but please make it appropriate. Bonus points will go to anything Christmas-y or festive. Will be held in the indoor arena.  You may also dress your horses up for the holidays. Foals younger than 1 year may be shown with their dam, both get credit for showing- but the mare cannot be entered again into the same class.


Singles freestyle dressage to music. Like Liberty, bonus points will go to any music that's festive. Minimum age is 4, riders can be anywhere from 15 years old and up. Horses should wear appropriate tack, and you may decorate your horse for the event. Absolutely no Rollkur allowed! Will take place in the outdoor arena.

-Western Pleasure

Horses will ride on the rail, and are judged on their gait and movement under saddle. Horses 4 and over may compete, and riders must be from 15 years old and up. Wear appropriate tack, the flashier the better. You may decorate your horse for the season if you wish. Will take place in the outdoor arena.

-Holiday Chuck Wagon Races

Teams of at least 2 horses with a max of 4 will race against other teams while pulling a "chuck wagon"- or really for this purpose just a small covered wagon. The design of these wagons is up to the racer- you may choose to decorate it all Christmas-y, or maybe have it show your stable's emblem and colors. The tack color is up to you as well – so go wild. Horses must be at least 5 years old for this, and riders must be at least 17 years old. Will take place in the indoor arena.

Dog Classes

-Conformation (all breeds, all groups)

Like the halter class, but for dogs. Wouldn't recommend dressing your dog up though. All breeds-both fantasy(no sparkle dogs,winged dogs,etc.. allowed though)  and realistic allowed. All ages, there are puppy classes. Standard awards given (best of show, best of breed, etc…). Will take place in the outdoor arena.  

Awards to be Given...

Best Puppy
Winners Dog (best dog)
Winners Bitch (best bitch)
Best of Breed
Best of Winners (best of best dog and best bitch)
Best of Opposite Sex (best of opposite sex to the BOB winner)
Select Dog
Select Bitch
1st - 4th in group
Best In Show:
(Best of all the first place group winners)
Reserve Best In Show:
(runner up BIS)


Standard agility course, no set route- so feel free to show your dog doing whatever. Obstacles are Christmas themed and decorated as well. Adult dogs and up. Will be held in the outdoor arena.

-Hunting (wild boars, raccoons, quail, etc…)

Dogs are let loose to hunt, sniff out any game (we have plenty :roll: especially the boars) and hunt them down. We have a sectioned area of our property set up for the hunt, which is filled with trees, hills, plains, and plenty of streams and ponds.  Dogs must be at least 3 years old for this event.

-Lure Coursing

This will take place in one of our flat pastures, dogs will be set free to chase after a lure, which is pulled by a motorized pulley, rather than chasing live rabbits. Adult dogs allowed.


Standard herding class- dogs will herd around Suffolk sheep in this case. All breeds, adult dogs- the standard. Will take place in our indoor arena.
All Animal Classes


For all animals- horses, dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits- anything! For this class, a handler must be shown of some sort! For small animals like rabbits, cats, poultry, etc… hands are ok- but for larger animals please show your handler. You may dress up your animal and handler for this as well. Judges will be looking to see how well you show the animal, as well as the animal itself- so don't just draw stick figures! If there's enough entries for an animal, then the class will be split up. Will take place in our indoor arena. For small animals, they may be shown on a table which is decorated for the holidays. All ages for both animal and handlers!

:bulletgreen: Prizes! :bulletred:

Right now this show is only able to offer the award itself for winners of each class- so we are in need of prize donors!

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They have been, they're on the entries journal.
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SkyWolfSpirit Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I'm not sure if you need the age for the dogs or not, but Popcorn is 3 years old. Rhino and Aiko are 6 months old.
PhantomAcres Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student General Artist
Joy's Halter Entry[link] and Liberty Entry[link]
PhantomAcres Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student General Artist
Here is my Joy's dressage entry[link] i am working really hard on more entries for the show.
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All added! :)
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PP Almost Illegal's entry for dressage ~ [link]
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