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Submitted on
September 21, 2010


24 (who?)

TSR Show Arena-Texas Skys All-Arabian Spring Show!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 21, 2010, 2:51 PM


Running: Now - July 13,2012
Event Type: Arabian Show (western,english,racing)
Class/Classes: Halter, liberty, hunter pleasure, mini chuckwagon races, WP, flat racing
Restrictions: Only natural purebred arabians allowed. Age restrictions provided in the description for each class.


:bulletblue: Texas Skys Ranch… :bulletblue: Sales Barn… :bulletblue: Show Arena… :bulletblue: Stable News… :bulletblue: Affiliates… :bulletblue: TSR Studs/Broods… :bulletblue:


At TSR,we are proud to host many events,most being held in summer,spring,or late fall and winter when the weather is nice. We have many showing facilities since we do host more than just one sport. Have tour and look for yourself!

Our Indoor arena is the place for many western events as well as english events. The facility is quite large and well airconditioned,very prepared for texas summers. Durring winter events inside the arena might be a bit chilly so bring snuggies! The indoor arena has direct access with the guest barn for quick moving from stall to show. If ever there was a emergency,we have both human and horse first aid kits in close reach to the show ring.

Now,our outdoor arena is probally the most used compared to the indoor arena. We use the outdoor arena for darn near everything that the weather allows us to. Like the indoor arena,both sides have bleachers for easy seating and first aid kits close by. The stables are not connected to it though,but the walk over to it is only a few minutes,not bad considering how big the ranch is...

Last but not least,our track-the jewel of our facilities. We strive to keep The Leslie R. Alcock Memorial Race track looking spot on beautiful. The insides of our track are decorated in bluebonnets,indian paintbrushes,and most other texan wildflowers you can think of(in the spring of course). Our track mainly only has two surfaces-dirt and turf. Sorry folks,no synthetics. As for our guests,our stands are covered in order to protect the viewing audiance from the conditions and can seat just about 15,000 people,but a designated place in the center of the track is assigned for the spectators to see the race incase we get overcrowded. The track has close access with the guest barn.


Welcome to the Texas Skys All-Arabian Spring Show 2012

This is out first all-arabian horse show, inspired by Zephyrra 's silver-spur show which ended recently. This show is designed to showcase some of the finest talents in the HARPG arabian community and advertise the names of those arabs who aren't so known.

:bulletblue: Show Sponsors :bulletblue:
We are in need of sponsors to donate prizes. I can only donate prizes to the horses who place 1st in thier classes, so if anyone wants to volunteer to donate prizes I will be extremely grateful! (might even give you some free breedings,designs, or even some points or gift art!)
Current Sponsors: myself.

:bulletblue: No horses to show? :bulletblue:
You can show one of ours! TSR has plenty of arabs, and if you show one- we will infact pay you :points: ! Check this journal for more information! If you decide to show one of our arabs, it must be in a class they're trained for (meaning, a horse like Belle who mainly does halter, liberty, and WP shouldn't be shown in flat racing or hunter pleasure.)

:bulletblue: Rules :bulletblue:
-Actual entries must be full body shots, however the extra pictures you make for the show can be half body shots- I'd perfer no headshots if possible.
-Absolutely no tracing, color overs, or re-using of old linearts or images. Any suspicious entry will be either refused or placed directly in last place.
-You must be HARPG registered to be able to show and have an active stable.
-Horses must have their number on the saddle pad, blanket, bridle, or halter- somewhere on the picture. If the horse is at an angle where this is impossible, it can be placed on the rider. If still unable to, then it can be mentioned in the story.
-Each class will have its own set rules, you will be docked points if you do not follow those rules and these rules.
-Only Pure Arabians, must be realistic.
-This show WILL have movement medals.Movement medals are awarded to those horses who show the best movement in thier entries, as well as the artist who put the most work into thier entries. In order to be elgible to recieve one, your horse must be entered in both liberty and another class. I will pick the top 10 horses from those who qualify and place them up in a poll. The voting period will be a week for this, to give people time to vote.
- In order to qualify for the grand champion and reserve champion titles, the horse must enter at least 3 classes. The top horses and champion titles are made from the overall score of each entry.
-In order for a class to be run there must be at least 3 horses competing. If a horse is preregistered but no entry is made it is scratched from the class. If you are in one of these classes which don't run you will be given a "participation" ribbon- but no real placing (which means if you're in the AHA you can use this show for 3pts even though you didn't place).
-Pre-registration is required. Please send it by note like this.

Name of Horse:
Horse's Ref:
Class(es) Entering:

Pre-registration sent by comments will be ignored. However, links with finished entries can be posted in comments on this journal or noted to me-whichever you perfer. once you send in your note, I will reply and give your horse a number. This number must be on your horse's entry(saddlepad, bridle,etc...), as the rules say.

:bulletblue: Judging :bulletblue:
To keep everything fair, and to respect the artist as well, I've come up with a new way to judge the show. This will help out those who put time and effort into thier art, as well as showcase thier bloodlines and heritage. I'm also keeping a part of it random, so if you think you're "not that good", you still have a chance. (please provide links to training images,extra pictures, etc... in your entry. Your horse's pedigree and show history do not have to be included on the entry- but must be on his/her ref which whould be provided on the finished entry. Any pictures that I cannot get to on the entry or the ref will not be counted for you so be sure you have everything!)

:bulletblack: 0-30 points from RNG
:bulletblack: 2 points for every training picture for that specific event. (max of 10 points)
:bulletblack: 5 points for each training picture just for this competition (max of 15 points)
:bulletblack: 5 points for each picture of your staff or horses hanging out around TSR's grounds.(this could include trail riding, grooming or saddling up for a competition, swimming in the pool, chillin in the barn drinking sweet tea, etc...)(Max of 15 points)
:bulletblack: 0-9 points for a story (sound's like I'm grading essays lol XD)
:bulletblack: 0-9 points for a good, hand drawn background (photo backgrounds can be used, but they will get you no points!)
:bulletblack: -2 points for each rule/specification not followed.
:bulletblack: +0-10 points based on previous show experience + bloodlines (meaning, if your horse has placed well in similar shows/classes,  has achieved a certain point level in its registries, or has champion parents, then it will have a higher chance. I will give these points based on the horse)
:bulletblack: +10 points if you follow all rules/specifications.

???/108 points

:bulletblue: Classes :bulletblue:

Hunter Pleasure
Horses will show at the walk, trot, extended trot, canter, and hand gallop while maintaining a sufficient frame and disposition. This class is judged on the horse mainly. Horses must wear an English saddle, matching English bridle, snaffle or Pelham bit, and white fleece saddle pad fitted to the saddle. Breastplates are optional. Martingales, boots, long whips, and wraps are prohibited. Manes, forelocks, and tails should be braided up in a French braid. The Rider dresscode will include tan breeches, a ratcatcher shirt (in any color), a dark-colored hunt jacket, tall black boots, black gloves, and a hunt cap or black velvet helmet. Hair should be in a bun at the nape of the neck, not in a hair net under the helmet, Spurs and crops are optional.

Western Pleasure
Horses wil be ridden along the rail at a walk,jog,trot, and lope. Arched necks and collected frames are looked for. Flashy western tack is allowed (and infact, encouraged, as long as its not too overboard (google it is you're confused with tack)), young horses (3-4years) must be ridden two handed. Horses over 4 must be ridden one handed. Boots, wraps, and martingles are prohibited. Riders must wear jeans, boots, a patterned western shirt, hat, etc... make-up and jewelry will get you bonus points- as long as it looks good. Hair must be worn up in a bun underneath the hat- not a hairnet!

Flat Racing
Exactly what it sounds like. 2 yo and up, any gender allowed. The race is 9 furlongs on TSR's dirt track (which around this time of the year is decorated with bluebonnets and other texas wildflowers). This event has restricted spots though- only 12 horses will be allowed to race- only two horses per stable are allowed to register (which means you can't race 10 of your arabs in this race, to keep it fair). Jockeys will be required to wear thier stable's colors and the saddlepad must have the horse's starting number on it.

Stallion/Gelding Halter
Horses will be shown in halter to a judge. No native halters, please, to keep everything fair please use a rope halter or leather halter. Horses must be 2 yo and up, and of course a stallion or a gelding. Handlers have no set dress code, but must look nice (polo shirt, solid color pants and show boots. Hair styled nicely and worn up for girls (optional)). Handlers do not also need to be shown, but its not required.

Mare Halter
Horses will be shown in halter to a judge. No native halters, please, to keep everything fair please use a rope halter or leather halter. Horses must be 2 yo and up, and of course a mare. Handlers have no set dress code, but must look nice (polo shirt, solid color pants and show boots. Hair styled nicely and worn up for girls (optional)). Handlers do not also need to be shown, but its not required.

Youngstock Halter (only for horses younger than 2 years )
Horses will be shown in halter to a judge. No native halters, please, to keep everything fair please use a rope halter or leather halter. Horses must be under 2 yo and up, and any gender is allowed. Handlers have no set dress code, but must look nice (polo shirt, solid color pants and show boots. Hair styled nicely and worn up for girls (optional)). Handlers do not also need to be shown, but its not required.

Liberty (all ages)
In this class, horses will be set loose in the arena, free of any tack, and are to demonstrate thier movement to a piece of music (of the handlers choice). This will be held in the indoor arena (which is decorated in Texas flags, and if sponsors have banners or stable logos, those too). Horses hould have a long bridle path as with every class in this show. Music must be provided in the entry's description- a youtube link is perferable and any music is allowed- as long as it fits the picture/horse.

Mini Chuck-Wagon Races
A popular event in most all Texan Rodeos, the mini chuck wagon races are a family favorite. Normally, it is performed among stock horses, but TSR wanted to incorporate it with the arab world. This is designed as a fun event so horses do not have to be completely western- as long as they're able to participate in a wagon race. Each team must have 4 horses. Teams will travel around the indoor arena, staying outside the 4 cones set up- if a cone gets knocked over or cut, you're disqualified.The wagons (as you can see in the video) are different colored. Feel free to design your own wagon and harnesses with your stable's colors. The handler must be in western uniform (cowboy hat, jeans, patterned western shirt, etc...) and standing up on the wagon. Minimum age for the horses is 4 years, maximum age is 18. Races will be organized in groups of 3 racers per circuit.

Entries Found Here



Old Shows

TSR Mini Events - Liberty

:bulletblue: 1st - Al-Aswad Anjum owned by ChrissyMax
:bulletred: 2nd - WCF Rash Witch owned by Dlnarielle (contact FadingMemories for your prize!)
:bulletwhite: 3rd - SDS Zaira 121 owned by SilmesDragonStable (contact RimrockRanchEC for your prize!)

4th - Bacardi Blues owned by FadingMemories
5th - Azamatterafact owned by EthanQ
6th - Naan-je owned by billygoatsgruff
7th - Leona owned by EthanQ
8th - RA In A One Man Show owned by Mazym
9th - RDs Bacchus 765 owned by ChrissyMax
10th - Starstruck on Impulse owned by Sweet-Oaks-Stables
11th - SDS Rani owned by SilmesDragonStable
12th - Belleza Estrallas owned by ChrissyMax
13th - WR Sura Mona owned by billygoatsgruff
14th - Bahira Al Najaa owned by RinaKisaragi
15th - CCS Belle'Ami owned by CasablancaStudios
16th - Tullstorp Don Capitol owned by Shangol
17th - RDs Pallas 430 owned by ChrissyMax
18th - Esperado owned by jbdezoveelste
19th - Cashin' Poney owned by Lycious
20th- yellowroseofTexas owned by EthanQ
21st - Golden Beauty owned by ReneeScarted

The Winner of the Gold Movement Medal is....Tullstorp Don Capitol! The winner of the Silver Movement Medal is...Bacardi Blues! And the winner of the Bronze Movement medal is....RA In a One Man Show!

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VersaFarm Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've have been REALLY busy so I was only able to do one show entry. :(
Hope you accept it! :D
VersaFarm Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Personnally, I think you should extend it... Its a shame that there are so few entries. I might be able to get a few of my friends to enter, maybe if you found a way to spread the word... I would still like to get my entries done by wensday anyway. :giggle:
ChrissyMax Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Most likely I will be extending it by a week- since I didn't think about this being the holidays and the show wasn't advertised as much as I would have wanted it to be (because of my art school last month :roll: ). I'll make an update to the journal soon, looking forward to your entries by the way ;P lol
VersaFarm Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
good! I have my Arabian Mare's entry almost completed. :)
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wow...this is still going on? I thought it closed, like, forever ago..xD
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Its still going on, Deadline is coming up though
RimrockRanchEC Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Zephyrra Featured By Owner May 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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